• Great Planes Gee Bee R1

    Got this Gee Bee for my birthday. It came almost ready to fly, just some basic assembly, add a receiver and battery. Really fast and handles great at speed but it is a little tricky to fly once you slow it down and try to land. Still have a lot of practice to do before I can land this Gee Bee well consistently. Wingspan: 38.5 inches, Length: 27 inches, Weight: 2 pounds


  • Walkera 4g3

    This is a great little micro 3D helicopter from Walkera. I upgraded mine with brushless motors and got some slightly larger batteries. I am still learning to fly helicopters but have found this model to be pretty good for learning. It helps that it is small enough to fly in my living room.


  • Parkzone P-51D Mustang

    This little micro R/C P-51D Mustang comes ready to fly out of the box. It performs great and handles more wind that you would expect for such a small plane.


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